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Kumarakom Heritage is built in accordance with ancient traditional Kerala architecture. The buildings have  wooden walls and ceilings, proper underground water current, enough light energy, sufficient air circulation, open spaces to relax, correct positioning of rooms and spaces – all in its purest form.

Heritage Kumarakom has created using some of the structures from an eminent traditional Kerala ancestral home known as ‘Cherpunkal Mana’.  A marvelous architecture built a century ago.

The wooden pillars, wood works, carvings, roofing, tiles, all are carefully taken from the demolished site and cautiously joined to rebuild the replica of the Mana keeping all the heritage characters intact.


Courtyards that welcome the seasons.


A courtyard inside the house can be a peaceful relaxing area. They give you the feel of the outdoors and the privacy of your home. Buildings with open-to-sky central courtyards and open verandas will make a feeling of outdoors come to indoors. It is constructed of bricks, teak and rosewood in traditional Kerala architectural style.

Granite stones and laterite stones are used for the floors and walls of the building. These are quarried, dressed and carried to the site for building the main structure. Granite stones formed due to the formation of western ghat mountain ranges even before the birth of Himalayas.

Laterite stones available all over Kerala at relatively low depths and they improve in strength as they are exposed to sun and moisture. This unique quality makes laterite a material of choice for construction.


The abundance of a variety of tree species in the state, timber is the other most important structural element used in Kerala. Rose wood is the prime option and is very hard and elegant looking. The masterful joinery and skillful carvings are common in older buildings. The elements are dressed and accurately cut on the ground and joined to form the wooden roof frame, on which then the tiles are spread. The local artisans use elaborate systems to ensure absolute accuracy in wood work without which framing the roof structure would be impossible.