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the Story of Music, Tradition and Leisure Coming Together

If you can have everything scintillating and mesmerizing about Kerala—both from the past and present—all under a single roof; that’s what Kumarakom Heritage Resort is all about.

Bringing all the cultural traits of the Hindu, Islam and Christian communities of Kerala, we make
the best experience of everything here. We have toiled our lives out here, so that you can have fun. Tucked right amidst the green pastures of Kumarakom and brackish backwaters that surround it, the resort has stories to tell, experiences to be had and memories to be made. And we promise you just that by bringing heritage, yoga, ayurveda, kalari, and music of the people
for you.

Heritage Bungalow

The reception is an old Muslim home belonging to one Hassan Rawther. A planter he is said to have had about 40 thousand acres of Tea Estate. It was in his property the Mahatma Gandhi University operated when it was incepted. In order to offer our clients the most stupendous of experiences, we have uprooted the house and re-created the same here right at Kumarakom Heritage Resort and made it our reception. We used the woods, nails, and every other material from the old home and built the same house here so that our patrons can experience what we call the most authentic Muslim residential setting. As you enter the reception, you will be surprised to see the nuances of designs and architectural intricacies that have been recreated.


What we did with our reception area, we have done the same for the Nalukettu as well. We have toiled hard to identify a typical Hindu Nair-family’s house, which was a Nalukettu. The owner of the house was an Astrologer. We again uprooted the Nalukettu and without losing any of its old-time charm, beauty and the rustic value, we raised it right here at the center of our resort. And we call it the same—Nalukettu. Everything in the Nalukettu—from architecture to lighting and ambience—you will find the fine elements of the big old Nalukettu. The Pooja room has two doors and the Nalukettu has 8 rooms in total, well maintained to invoke the feeling of the Hindu rituals. The Nalukettu so uniquely built that it is able to regulate the internal temperature efficiently so that you have the best staying experience.

Arayum Nirayum

Arayum Nirayum is a 1952-era Roman Catholic family’s home. It will allow you to relax like the big old Christian families do in Kerala. We learned the architectural and design elements of the house prior to dismantling the same piece by piece. Extreme endeavors and hard work have gone into the grabbing a house from the past and build it here in the resort again. We have done all that just because our guests can enjoy the true feeling and emotions of staying in the big house of a Roman Catholic family of Kerala. From the doors, windows and the outer area, everything is a piece to piece recreation of the house and with the materials it had been made of nearly half a century ago. Now, that’s special!