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Listen To The Stories Of Kumarakom : New Responsible Mission Initiative

Everything is a story, you are a story, I am a story…

Tourists arriving in the city of letters in this new year are blessed to hear the soothing stories of the best tourist destinations. 

Resorts in Kumarakom opinion that storytelling is a great art which the foreign tourists love to enjoy.

Stories of Kumarakom

Narrating the fables including folk tales and myths related to Kumarakom is the new initiative kicked off by the responsible tourism project.

Around 16 community tour leaders are trained for narrating the story, where all of them underwent practice sessions in storytelling and foreign languages.

For the backwater resorts in kumarakom, all these novel ideas are adding demand to the flock of foreign tourists who would like to  visit backwater village life.

Roopesh Kumara, Responsible tourism mission coordinator explained that the thread of Kumarakom related stories would be about the Alphred George Baker and the king of erstwhile Travancore.

Eminent writers and other cultural activists welcome this new project and they took the stand that more than history of a place people listen more to the natural stories evolved from their culture, myths and beliefs.

The Ayurveda resorts in Kumarakom, delighted with the new tourism plan as they will boost the significance of traditional ayurveda treatment which are popular through folk tales.

Serving Local Cuisines With Stories

Everyone would like to have a desert after the heavy meal, houses are arranged for the tourist to enjoy ethnic delicacies from homes in the tourist destinations.

So along with the story session you can enjoy a local meal will be the advantage of the new programm, according to the wellness resort in Kumarakom.

Hearing stories rather than the speech of a guide will be the main attraction for the guests arriving in Kumarakom for this year’s vacation.
Let’s have a family trip  and relax with the Kumarakom stay, along with the natural lullabies of backwater now your kids can have a great time listening to the thrilling stories of the beautiful land in Kerala.

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