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Visit Kumarakom: Which Are Comfortable Clothing For Holidaying?

Like there exists not any universal food, there is never any global dress code.

So you might be thinking which is the most comfortable clothing to wear while enjoying a holiday in Kumarakom.

Kerala is a rich culture which respects the fashion and styles of other nations including foreign tourists, so you don’t have to unpack your luggage and fill up with Indian clothes if you booked a resort in Kumarakom.

As we know, Kerala lies in the tropical region, the temperature here may vary season to season with intermediate cold, hot and humid climates.

So what are the comfortable clothing for holidaying in Kumarakom? 

A Seasonal Dress Code For  Tourists

The wellness resort in Kumarakom suggests the most suitable dress codes for a relaxing vacation in the beautiful village surrounded by backwaters.

  1. For the summer Season : Advised to wear cotton clothes, with more airy and thin materials. In Kerala summer starts from March and ends in May, loose fitting clothes helps to adapt with the climate.

Backwater resorts in Kumarakom offer special night dress and pool dress to enjoy the summer moments on demand.

  1. For the Rainy Season : In Kumarakom June and October are considered to be wet months. So it would be nice to wear simple dresses which will dry quickly during monsoon season.

Formal and party wear are less suggested if you are planning an outdoor activity along with the stay in any luxury resort in Kumarakom.

  1. Dress code For Spiritual Locations: Apart from the interesting tourist locations if you have included the famous spiritual centres in Kumarakom in your travel plan, these are some of the minor things you have to take care.

Most of the temples permit the people inside if they wear a traditional Kerala dress which is saree for women and dhoti for men, and children are exempted from compulsory  traditional attire.

Village people of Kumarakom are not very traditional or highly contemporary and they are in between them. So foreign tourists don’t find any inconvenience while visiting Kumarakom and staying here for the best resort experience.
Invest your next vacation at the backwater resort in Kumarakom.

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