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Travel To Kumarakom : Tips For A Better Vacation

Do we need good manners for traveling? 

The wellness resort in Kumarakom, has come up with top travel etiquettes for utilising the tourist leisure time without any distractions.

As we know the manners, culture, custom and language vary from place to place. According to the best resort in Kumarakom for family, the village is so supportive and kind towards the foreign tourists arriving at the beautiful destinations.

Even though here are some of the tips, travellers should keep in mind while enjoying good moments in Kumarakom.

Tips For A Better Vacation

  1. Be polite, show respect and express gratitude for the service.
  2. Gather information about Kumarakom before you visit through the websites of top resorts in Kumarakom or through Kerala tourism website.
  3. Exhibit respect towards the personal space of others.
  4. Try to learn the Malayalam language a little for interacting with the native people.
  5. Be cautious while using gestures, even if gesture is easy to communicate in some particular area gestures may be interpreted in an aggressive manner. 
  6.  Make sure you are not making any negative comments publicly.
  7. Always treat the people in Kumarakom respectfully, if they are treated poorly travellers miss the chance to explore the rare mysteries of Kumarakom.
  8. Avoid complaining to the village people if things are not done in a proper way, it is better to discuss issues with the management of your kumarakom stay and solve them intelligently .
  9. Give priority to a safe journey while involved in boating and other water sports activities.
  10. Inform your taste preferences to  chefs in the hotel, if there is anything special, when you stay either in a luxury resorts in Kumarakom or while enjoying a house boat ride.

Kumarakom is a tourist friendly village, where there are many responsible tourism projects that are experimented and introduced first by the tourism department of Kerala.

Traveling with a better etiquette is the easiest way to swim and sink into the real colours of Kumarakom.

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