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Margam Kali : Traditional Art Form Of Kumarakom, Kottayam

Kerala is the birthplace of many art forms including Kathakali, Thiruvathira, Thumbi Thullal. In the earlier century most  art performances were connected with religious festivals and customs.

God’s own country is land which had gone through many foreign invasions and as a result foreign culture and religious practices also influenced the culture of Kerala.

According to the Resorts in Kumarakom, Margam Kali is the famous dance form prevalent among the syrian christians of Kumarakom and the entire Kottayam area.

Margam Kali : Tourist Attraction In Kumarakom

The folk dance form evolved as recreational activity for the christian soldiers during the period of Portuguese invasion. 

Later they become a compulsory flavour of all christian celebrations and wedding ceremonies.

Now wellness resort in Kumarakom, offer their foreign guests a chance  to enjoy the beautiful dance performance without losing the glory and purity.

How Margam Kali Is Performed?

Margam kali costume

Wearing the traditional white dhoti (Mundu) and blouse (Chatta) at that time the dressing style of christian women , a dozen of performers sing and dance around a lamp called nilavilakku.

The songs and dance narrates the story of St Thomas who arrived in Kerala. Margam kali never uses any musical instruments except the two palm size cymbals played by the same person who sings for the performance.

Margam Kali is now considered an excellent competition item in school art festivals and other cultural events. Apart from the dance and song the attire of the performance is so colourful and looks awesome in the contemporary period.

Backwater resorts in Kumarakom, popularise all these traditional art forms to exhibit the rich kumarakom heritage along with the natural beauty.


The sword and shield dance called parichamuttu kali is also associated with these margam kali. But the parichamuttu is performed only by men however margam kali could be performed by men and women.

The predecessors of Kerala people are great visionaries and intelligent so that their culture and heritage are remaining even after the centuries as prominent artistic forms.

Vacation to Kerala is always an eye retreat with kumarakom stay and enjoyment of many cultural art forms.

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